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Who is Clifford Vance Cast of Delta Trading Group?

Clifford Vance Cast Ph.D is a world class mentor in the day trading community. He has been trading for over 20 years and holds a Ph.D in Psychology with an expertise in Risk Homeostasis Theory. Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is not only a professional mentor and trader, he is a best selling author of a children’s book series, a pilot, a software developer, and more. An all around renaissance man.

Dr. Clifford Vance Cast coined the phrase “Think In Crayon” as a method of teaching complex subjects in such a simplistic form that a child could understand it. Clifford Vance Cast’s ability to teach in this style gives his students a special edge on the day trading community because they know the business inside and out.

Where Can You See Dr. Clifford Vance Cast In Action?

You can visit the Delta Trading Group live trading room for 2 free visits any time that works for you with no obligation Monday through Friday 10am – 12pm. In the live trading room Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is streaming a live view of his trading account while making trades and explaining his strategy and thoughts. He is answering questions and giving insight into trading while showing everyone in the room techniques to make real money on the S&P 500 emini. In the live trading room you can see Dr. Clifford Vance Cast in action and see what all of the hype is about for yourself.

Why Choose Delta Trading Group?

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FOREX TRADING 102: Learning the Forex Trading Strategies

If you’re a potential investment player who’d like to make it big in the business and financial world, then you go for forex trading. The FOREX, also known as the foreign exchange market is one of the largest financial markets in the world with and estimate of $1.5 trillion turn-overs every day. Here are a few strategies on how to make it big in the forex market.

Strategy One: Know your market. The best way to get advantage, earn profit and minimize losses is to familiarize yourself with the market and how the whole system works. In the forex market, the players are usually commercial banks, central banks and firms involved in foreign trade, investment funds, broker companies and other private individuals with large capital. With the speed and high liquidity of asset, most companies engage in this business than in any other trading venture. Transactions are done in a jiffy; there are no membership fees and there is always the allure and promise of big, big profit.

Trading is done in pairs. The most commonly traded currencies are usually the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and the Swiss Franc. The more commonly traded currency pairs are the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, the Euro and the US Dollar, the Swiss Franc and the US Dollar. In Forex trading, everything is speculative and virtual. There is no actual product being sold or bought. The activity mostly consists of computed entries made on the value of one currency against another. Say for example, you can buy Euros with US Dollar, hoping that the Euro will increase it value. Once its value rises, you can sell the Euro again, thus earning you profit.

Strategy Two: Learn the language. There are three concepts you need to know in the currency market. Pips refer to the increase of one hundredth of a percent of the value of the currency pair you are trading. Usually each pip has a value of $10 or $1. Volume is the quantity or amount of money being traded at one particular time in the market. Buying is the acquisition of a particular currency. A trader buys with the hopes that the price of the currency will increase. Selling is putting a currency up for grabs in the market because of a potential or possibility of a decrease in its value. There are also two techniques of analysis usually used in this business – the fundamental and the technical analysis. Technical analysis is usually used by small and medium players. Here, the primary point of analysis revolves on the price. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is used by bigger companies and players with higher capital as it involves looking at the other factors affecting the value of a particular currency. In this type of analysis, the player also looks at the situation of the country, particularly issues like political stability, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and tax policies as these are seen to have an effect on the currency’s value.

Strategy Three: Develop a sound trading strategy. Your trading strategy would depend on what kind of trader you are. The basic thing with developing a trading strategy is to identify what kind of forex trader you are. A good trading strategy should lessen, if not, eliminate losses. Plan also the size of your transactions. It is better to conduct many different trades than one huge transaction. Not only does it develop discipline, but it also lessens any possible loss as only a fraction of the capital is affected. Part of a trading strategy is developing the values of discipline and proper money management.

Strategy Four: Practice. Try paper trading, a great way to practice your skills, see how the market works and get acquainted with the software and tools being used. There are online brokers who allow free paper trades, which allows practice and experience before doing it with real money.

Strategy Five: Choose the right forex dealer. Make sure that they are regulated by the law. Take not of dealers with investment schemes that give out too-good-to-be-true-just-false-hopes promises. Look at investment offers before getting started.

Forex trading may seem easy and manageable. But the emotional stress, the demands and challenges of being a forex trader requires more than just the knowledge of the market. It requires more than just a keen and sensible head for business. It’s all about a gameplan, a strategy.

Delta Trading Group Boot Camp Overview

See How Our Delta Trading Group Boot Camp Can Help Learn How To Day Trade Successfully.
Every daily session and section of your Boot Camp is taught by the Ensign Approved mentor Dr. Clifford Vance Cast. You can join the Delta Trading Group Live Action Trading Room for 2 days free to see how it works and talk with other successful Delta Trading Group members. Just visit

Mini Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the most viable options for someone who’s looking at bigger possibilities, bigger profit and greater ease in trading and business. Because of it’s high liquidity and speedy transactions, forex trading is becoming a popular game among players in the field of business and marketing. While it’s traditionally for companies and corporations with big capital and experience in the field, it has also proven itself to be a good venture for a neophyte though what one calls a Mini Forex account or mini forex trading.

Mini Forex Basics

Mini Forex trading is good for people who have just started in the forex market and with not enough funds to open a regular account. It requires a smaller capital compared to regular forex accounts, a minimum of $300. With mini forex trading, you can control a $10,000 currency position.

The key here is leverage. Because of leverage, a trader can trade in a commodity more than the money available in his account. Say with a $250 deposit, one could trade a maximum of 5 mini lots. This kind of leverage is greater than stocks or day trading. Of course, it is recommended to start with a manageable leverage that allows greater flexibility in transactions.

What are the perks of mini forex trading?

With just a small stake involved, you get to enjoy free trading platform and benefits that regular forex traders get to enjoy. These would include state-of-the art trading software, charts and resources. With a leverage of 200:1, the trader can trade in a commodity regardless of the amount of money available to him.

Mini forex trading also allows for lesser losses as the contract size is only 1/10th the size of a standard forex account. There is also greater flexibility with regards to customizing trades and minimizing risks. Ideal for those with smaller capital, the trader has a chance of investing in more areas of the market with lesser risk as there is lesser capital to be lost. He need not be hesitant with his transactions as there is lesser capital involved.

With the same freedom enjoyed by regular forex traders, a mini forex trader can trade as many lots as he likes. Although the standard trade size is 10,000 units, you are free to trade as much as 50,000 units or more. In this way, the trader also builds up his confidence in his trading skills at the same time slowly increase his profit and trading position in the market. He gets to manage his money before going for the higher stakes in regular forex trading.

The trader likewise gets to develop a sound trading strategy without getting too emotionally involved in possible losses and profit. For practice, a newbie in forex trading can practice through paper trading. But in the real market, he can start small with mini forex trading. There is lesser capital involved and the practice builds up the trader’s trading gameplan for future explorations in regular, higher stakes forex trading.

An Example

On a regular account, a 25-pip stop loss is equal to a loss of $250. Since a mini forex account is just 1/10th of the standard forex account, this is amounting to $25 only. If you trade in units of 10,000, the trader is given more flexibility in terms of customizing his trades and lessening the risks of loss.

They say that business is for the risk-taker. But if you’re just starting out, it’s wise to be cautious and think about your moves. In the world of foreign trading, mini forex accounts provide the wisest and best option especially for a neophyte. It requires lesser capital, lesser emotional investment, and slowly builds up your skills and confidence as a trader. In a way, it’s a way to prepare the trader for the higher stakes in the more advanced world of foreign trading.

How To Succeed In Online Forex Day Trading

Forex trading is the largest known financial market. Day or night, it doesn’t really matter; the trade goes on even as half of the world is asleep. It offers a lot of opportunities for many organizations and individuals to make profit. There are many day traders in the market, and if you think you can do it, why not join the day traders.

Once you decide to start to day trading, don’t expect to learn everything about it in an instant. You will surely need to learn for some time, and you need to exert a lot of effort. Practice makes perfect, and forex trading requires a lot of it.

Before using real money, you can practice through simulated trading and do a paper trade. Here you can incorporate all your trading techniques and see if they actually work.
Don’t be a scared to lose a certain amount of money, because any trade involves a lot of it. But it doesn’t mean that you should not limit your losses, you can make use of stop orders. And most importantly, you should learn from your past losses.

A good trader by day should be disciplined. Make discipline a habit in order to make sound decisions, and act in accord with trading systems/strategies. This way, you can do your trade in a consistent and reliable manner. Certain situations require an individual to make decisions based on their pre-set criteria and parameters.

You should make it a point to habitually follow your trading system/plan; this way you can effectively evaluate the results of your plan. If your expectations are not met, perhaps its time that you make certain adjustments and fine tuning, so that your plan will still be of good use in the future.

A major lesson Clifford Vance Cast teaches in his online seminars on Forex trading is “Don’t let your emotions rule you”, especially when you’re making trading decisions. A day trader should always be disciplined, and once you attain your objective, leave the market first. Oftentimes people plunge in deeper because they are influenced by greed and fear.

There are also day traders who are quite reluctant to lose money. For instance your stock goes down, and you’re still hoping that after some time it will rise again. And to your surprise, the share price goes further down. If only you were not reluctant to lose money, you could have sold it the first time its price went down, and prevent further loss.

A day trader should leave no room for fear and greed to take over; otherwise, this will be the key to your losses.

About Clifford Vance Cast

Who is Clifford Vance Cast?

Clifford Vance CastClifford Vance Cast, PHD. is a profoundly insightful mentor in the field of day trading. Clifford Vance Cast holds his Ph.D in Organization and Management. He has written children’s books such as The Clever Calvin Series. Due to his area of expertise, which is Risk Homeostatic Theory, he is able to to deal with high risk situations and use complex critical thinking skills to make the best decisions.

More on Clifford Vance Cast

Starting in the 1990’s Clifford Vance Cast began working on complex computer algorithms that analyze Options Trading. He realized that trading is a psychological feat where three common features take center stage: Patience, Perseverance and Will Power. Trading is all about managing risk and money. He wants you to not focus solely on huge profits, but on realistic trades that ensure continued success in the trading field.

How to Get In Touch With Clifford Vance Cast

Clifford Vance Cast, Ph.D is the owner and mentor for Delta Trading Group. You can join for 2 free sessions in the online trading room and listen to Clifford Vance Cast and the rest of the Delta Trading Group community and see how insightful he is and even discuss ideas with him live.

You can also download The Market Insider App and get up to date information on what is going on in the world of E-Mini Futures and Clifford Vance Cast’s view of these happenings.

To Learn More About Clifford Vance Cast, Please Visit Delta Trading Group