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Besides being a renowned author, speaker and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is also the the founder and CEO of Delta Trading Group. How did he become interested in trading and what has led to his incredible success in day trading? Let’s learn more about the background of Dr. Cast to find the answers.


From his early years in the Military, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast was writing software programs to meet whatever needs he saw. Always fascinated by computers and algorithms, even as a child, he wrote a library catalog program for his mother who was a librarian. After being discharged from the military, he also worked on database applications and consulting for companies such as Computer Task Group (CTG) and Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

Cast has had the pleasure of working for NASA on a solid rocket booster program. In this field, his focus was on telemetry and data triage so he started writing risk assessment algorithms.

At one time, he even worked closely with Dave Ramsey. Cast had designed a scholarship search program that Dave Ramsey promoted to his followers as an amazing tool to find scholarship money.


Because of some programs that he wrote, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast had gained an understanding of trading. While he was able to understand trading for himself, finding a way to teach it to someone else proved to be a challenge.

When a friend approached him in 2009 and asked him to recommend a trading group, he realized there weren’t any worth putting his stamp of approval on. He found that other groups were overly focused on the entry signal. While that can give an advantage, money management is far more important. Both of these aspects needed to be combined to provide a full service to a client. That’s when he decided to do it himself.

The first thing he set out to do was fully research the other services on the market. He purchased someone else’s course so he could see the ups and downs involved. It turned out that this company was just out to scheme their customers.


When faced with no other options of a decent trading group, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast decided he needed to start his own. He didn’t want to see people getting ripped off and lied to any longer. He desired to help people and achieve something meaningful with the knowledge he had been given.

Cast has his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Utah. He then got a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. Finally, he achieved his Doctorate in Organization and Management in IT with a focus on Psychology from Capella University. All of these degrees helped him to be able to fully understand the needs in the trading world.

Cast didn’t set out to become a broker to his clients. He doesn’t want to do the trading for his customers, nor does he desire to take their money for transactions. He believes that people can learn to do the trading on their own if given the proper guidance. That’s why he created Delta Trading Group, to be an educational institute working to equip other’s to determine for themselves what the right moves are in the trading field.


There are certain belief systems that run everything Dr. Clifford Vance Cast does. The first and most evident is that all people are important to him. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe. He thinks you deserve the same respect and courtesy afforded to any other person.

He also believes that people are capable of controlling the financial future. Every day brings forth choices that a person must make. There is a risk assessment done internally every time a decision gets made. You either choose to do A or B with your money and then there will be a desired and predictable outcome. That’s how Delta Trading Group teaches.

The students in his courses are capable of understanding how to trade for themselves. After watching and learning, students can make educated risk assessments based on what they’ve learned. These will bring about predictable results in the long haul. By using custom software designed by Dr. Clifford Vance Cast, students can predict trading indicators and show the best chance of profitability. In addition, they will be able to view the lowest possible risks for loss.

You don’t need to be a college graduate to understand the skills being taught in day trading. Cast uses a simplistic fashion to teach. This enables the novice and the pro to all earn money quickly and effectively.

Cast is one of the people, not a leader who can’t be reached. He spends day after day teaching his students hands on by showing what he is doing. There is 100% transparency in the principles and tactics taught. Students never feel that Cast is better than them, but instead, know he is there to walk the path with them.


The legacy of a man is king. It means far more in the end of one’s life than how much money was earned, and Dr. Clifford Vance Cast understands that. He is currently setting up the business for his daughter to take over one day. She is currently with him learning and growing in the business so she can effectively teach people. In fact, he bought her a house right next to his so she can walk with him daily and learn all there is to know. He understands the importance of family.

As more and more people are losing their jobs to robotics, trading is going to be essential to learn. The earlier a person learns, the easier it is going to be, just like learning a language. That doesn’t mean the older generation can’t learn and many of them do, especially after getting caught up in reverse mortgages or other schemes that damage their finances.

Making money is always going to be an important part of life. We need it to survive. Cast sees people on a daily basis that got hurt at work and can’t earn any more money. He sees those in their 70s who didn’t have enough for retirement. To all of those people, money is important, but they don’t know how to earn any more. The one thing they can all do is learn to trade from their computer. It doesn’t matter who they are. That’s part of the legacy that Dr. Clifford Vance Cast desires to leave behind; that trading can be done by anyone for any reason needed.

There are 330 million people in America trading on any given day. It is a vital skill to learn before you need it. Day trading also provides an important skillset to the way a person thinks about money. Managing risk is good for anyone dealing with finance. Day trading skills can aid in a business, lifestyle and even in relationships.


One of the main differences that are easy to spot in the Delta Trading Group is how it isn’t all about money. It’s about life. Dr. Clifford Vance Cast talks about important things like ethics and integrity. He gives assignments, like heading to the grocery store and changing someone’s day. Why you ask? Because he believes it will change you and make you a better trader.

Life is filled with fear and greed, Cast wants to create a different environment. He teaches how to change your emotions by changing your behaviors. He teaches basic fundamental life skills that the world has forgotten. There’s no more rushing through grocery store only thinking about yourself when you are a student of Cast.

When you look back on the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll probably see a common denominator. It’s fear. The fear in a person’s life is what he believes create the mistakes you continue to make. By changing your fear mindset, you rid yourself of many of life’s mistakes.


There is no risk involved at all in checking out the program that Dr. Clifford Vance Cast offers. He freely allows new users to join in on two sessions at no charge. After that, you get the opportunity to join in with his professional traders every day!

For two hours each day, a user can receive fully mentored training. The best place to start is with the Delta Day Training Boot Camp which enables users to learn the ins and outs of trading. There are dozens of jam packed lessons that will help traders find success in the Live Trading Sessions.

The group has some strict policies to it that will be important to know:

1. They trade a live brokerage account in front of all students.
2. The class communicates and supports one another.
3. They always discuss the trades before they happen.

Again, Delta Trading Group is all about transparency and no surprises. Isn’t that refreshing?


It is rare to find such deep ethics and integrity wrapped up in a businessman such as Dr. Clifford Vance Cast. Oftentimes, people with his intelligence and ingenuity become self-consumed and self-seeking. That couldn’t be further from the truth with this unique individual. Everything he creates and puts his mind after is about helping others. He truly has the interests of all in his group at the forefront of his mind and genuinely enjoys seeing them succeed. Cast can be proud of the legacy he is going to leave behind.

More About Clifford Vance Cast

Clifford Vance Cast is a professional in the futures trading industry that is perhaps best known for his published works in the fields of science, business, and education. Cast holds doctorates in Philosophy, Organization and Management, and IT and currently focuses on futures trading education. With his vast experience as a resource, Clifford Vance Cast teaches risk management to a growing, member driven community at Delta Trading Group and helps them learn how to traverse the industry via training and trading sessions. Cast recognizes that a career path in futures trading can prove successful despite economic volatility, and he realizes that it is the perfect business opportunity for the current climate. This is because it enables new professionals to work remotely, with no inventory, no selling, and no employees, providing the ability to grow even with the burgeoning effects that the COVID-19 health crisis has had on other sectors.

Since as early as the 1990’s, Clifford Vance Cast has led in the development of computer algorithms meant to analyze trading and assist in the decision making process. Cast and the team at Delta Trading Group realize that studying risk management allows for futures traders to continue to make money even when the market is down.

A thought leader in the futures trading space, Clifford Vance Cast has coined the phrase “Think in Crayon”, embodying the idea of teaching complex subject matter in a way that is simple enough for even a child to understand. This method of teaching proves effective in trading risk management. Particularly because it gives individuals, just breaking into this career path the opportunity to use a comprehensive way of thinking to eliminate barriers in their professional development. Complicated ways to convey information seem to gatekeep industries, and much of the inclusivity of Delta Trading Group hinges on how the community maintains that trading can be taught to anyone willing to learn.

Part of the success of Clifford Vance Cast’s methods is attributed to the fact that he emphasizes the importance of money management and psychology in his teachings rather than just entry signals. This empowers the members of Delta Trading Group to understand the reasoning and psychology of trading decisions, providing them with the opportunity improve their proficiency within their own endeavors. Many breaking into futures trading are taught the how’s of the process of trading rather than the why’s, and Clifford Vance Cast and Delta Trading Group wish to provide members with a wholistic understanding of what constitutes successful choices in the industry.